In October 2008, Breeze Future Poco (a.k.a. Breeze), a registered Quarter horse mare of highly desirable bloodlines, and her one-month-old filly, Misty Breeze (a.k.a. Misty), were taken to a Nebraska sale barn. Breeze was slated for sale to slaughter and the auction owner reported that if Misty wasn’t purchased as well, she would be shot after the mare left. Fortunately, a former killer buyer saw potential in the mare and made a point of offering to bring her home in cooperation with Shooting Star Equine Rescue and Stables, Inc. and the Fans of Barbaro/Alex Brown Racing forum if the appropriate funds could be raised. The purchase price was paid and arrangements were made for the pair to come to the safety of Rainbow Meadows. If it were not for the generosity and open hearts of volunteers and donors, these two beautiful horses would have met a very different fate. Breeze went on to be adopted but for personal reasons, she had to be returned to Rainbow Meadows. Breeze has not been under saddle for years and will need a restarting.

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