Thrive Feed

Rainbow Meadows is a distributor of Thrive Feed, a top-of-the-line extruded equine superfeed that offers the best of nutrition available on the market. The rescue continues to expand its volunteer-based distribution sites throughout Kansas and into Oklahoma in order to make this superior quality feed available to horse owners throughout the region.

Thrive is appropriate for all classes of horses, and is a particularly superb product for hard keepers or horses needing to gain weight. Thrive aids in rapidly building strong, powerful, useful muscle. It nurtures a calm disposition, and supports all the energy requirements a horse demands. Whether it’s building a champion race horse, growing a foal, feeding a senior horse, or re-building a starved rescue horse, Thrive delivers on a promise of excellence.

See Thrive's incredible impact on numerous rescued horses at Rainbow Meadows!

Daxx before and afterRainbow Meadows distribution centers:

David Everhart
1949 Dalton Road Sedan, KS 67361

Sherry Alquest
Winfield, KS
620-229-3587 Text Only

Beth Loos
Wichita, KS

Asa Galloway
Sedgwick, KS

Kira Everhart-Valentin
Manhattan, KS

Mark & Kelly Courtney
Baldwin City, KS

Keith Daley
Douglass, KS

Erik & Misty Jackson
Kirbyville, MO

Contact Karen Everhart by e-mail or at 316-648-5082 for more details.