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Help us BUILD OUR FUTURE by becoming a 2019 Rainbow of Hope Member!

Join Rainbow of Hope and help us ensure a bright tomorrow!


At Rainbow Meadows, we are looking to the future of every horse.

We are looking to the future of our aged and disabled horses, and the promise we gave them of green pastures and wellness for the remainder of their days.

We are looking to the future of our healthy, knowledgeable horses, and the loving forever homes that await them with the adopters they have not yet met.

We are looking to the future of our young and inexperienced horses that need a gentle, patient hand and the opportunity to mature into confident and trusting partners.

We are looking to the future of our babies, the bright young foals that have asked for nothing but to be given the chance to run, play and grow in safety.

Our future is their future, and that is why we need you.

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Become a 2019 member today

Our Rainbow of Hope program is a partnership for the future. Our members are paving the road that lies ahead of us. They are ensuring the sustainability of the organization and the safety net for all of the horses that have come under our care. Rainbow of Hope represents not only our core priorities of today – safety, care and love for every horse – but also our priorities for tomorrow – namely, a better future for all horses.

As a member, you will enjoy:

  • A personalized Rainbow of Hope membership packet
  • A members-only “behind the scenes” tour of Rainbow Meadows Ranch where you can meet our rescues and see our work first hand
  • Bi-annual e-letter from our membership director showing how your gift helps the horses
  • A “signed” photo of one of our newest Rainbow Meadows horses

Join today! The horses thank you.


This is your rescue!

*Minimum donation for membership: $50

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